Tips to Fix Screen Flicker Problems

how to solve flickering problems

Flickering is shining of light unsteadily, vary rapidly in brightness. Flickering is a problem associated with Smart phones or laptops.

You might be reading this post on your PC`s or Mobiles. If your screen flickers, you will find really hard to concentrate or won`t be able to read at all. This is annoying, right?

Flickering doesn`t happen all of the sudden. There might be a problem with Monitor, Cables, Video card or even surroundings.

Display Screens are generally sensitive to the environment also. And flickering can take different forms like short interval flickers, random flickers and flickers that are persistent. You can analyze what`s wrong with your computer by seeing the pattern of flicker.

This post is about how to solve flickering problem and the remedies are quite simple that you can take (or may be sometime expensive).

Action 1

Display Settings

Flickering can decrease your productivity on work, plus can give permanent eyesight problem. So stop straining your eyes with flickers and do something. Sometimes it could as simple as setting up the right settings.

Many computers might have problem with Refresh Rate on the setting manual.

Refresh rate is standard of how many times screen redraws each second. This setting is specially related to older versions device. But Upgrading to new versions raise flicker issues.

You can manually set refresh rate of the computer. But precaution is must.

“Refresh rate beyond the limit of your device can affect the quality of LCD screen. Follow the      Manufacturer`s manual guide before messing up with settings.”

Now about manually selecting the refresh rate

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. And then under Appearance and Personalization select Adjust screen resolution
  4. Click on Advanced Settings
  5. Hover over Monitor and click
  6. Check the “Hide Modes That This Monitor Cannot Display”
  7. Now choose a higher refresh rate from the listhow to solve flickering problems

If in Refresh Rate settings it is showing Hardware Default Setting, Then let it be as it is. The problem might be something else.

Action 2

Graphics Card Driver

Graphics Card Driver is a system software that controls computer`s Video card (also called as Video adapter). In case the Flicker problem is persistent you will need to check if your Video card drive is updated?

To look for Graphics Card Adapter, again go to Control Panel

  1. See there for “Hardware and Sound”
  2. Click on “Device Manager” under “ Devices and Printers”
  3. You will be directed to a new window
  4. Search for “Display Adapters”
  5. You will see the brand and name of the Video adapter ( Mine is Standard VGA graphics adapter)how to solve flickering problems
  6. Click on the tab and you will find a window that shows Driver Status, If it says like no driver find or drive is not updated, then you will need to download the driver
  7. Go to manufacturer website and download the Driver software from to solve flickering problems

That’s it about flickering from my side. But there is more issues that need your attention.

Tech Republic has a detail article on this. They have addressed other issues like environment impact on flickering, cable problem and more. You can read on about this until you find solution for your computer. Yes that`s how it works. Advise from experts!