SanDisk File Recovery Software to Recover Files SanDisk Drive

SanDisk is the major producer of memory cards, USB drives, flash memory cards, etc. Because of its low cost and high storage capacity, SanDisk memory cards are much popular among memory card users. The SanDisk memory card is used in different gadgets like mobile phones, camcorder, digital camera, etc. for storing different type of files or folder like memorable photo, videos, songs and other favourite media files. However, the SanDisk memory card will not ensure the safety of the files. Sometimes, the image files saved on SanDisk memory card may get deleted due to some known or unknown reasons.

In such situation, you need not to be panic, as the image files are not deleted permanently from your SanDisk memory card. You can easily recover deleted or lost photos from SanDisk memory card with the help of SanDisk Photo Recovery software, unless if you do not save any new image files over deleted files on your memory card. If you overwrite some new files on the deleted image files, then deleted image files recovery from SanDisk memory card will be impossible. This software uses its outstanding advanced scanning algorithms to scan the whole SanDisk memory card and retrieve different erased files from it.

How files get deleted from SanDisk memory card?

  • Sometimes, while previewing and deleting unwanted or junk files, you may accidentally select valuable files and hit Delete All option, which may causes deletion of all important files from your SanDisk memory card. Or else, while removing or deleting unwanted files from SanDisk memory card in order to make some free space for new arrived files, you may accidentally erase some important files.
  • File transfer intrusion is one of the main cause for the deletion of files from SanDisk memory card. While transferring files from memory card to computer or vice versa, you may abruptly eject your memory card from the computer. As a result, some important files will be missing from memory card as well as from computer.
  • While scanning SanDisk memory card using any reliable antivirus tool, the antivirus tool would have automatically remove some of important files which are infected by virus, without any intimation.
  • Besides, above discussed scenario, you may lose important files from SanDisk memory card due to various other reasons like deletion by third party tool, file system corruption, memory card corruption, unintentional formatting, file header corruption, etc.

Therefore, in order to stay away from these data loss issues, it’s better to maintain backup of important files. In case, if you don’t have backup of deleted or lost files, then immediately make use of SanDisk File Recovery tool and easily retrieve erased or deleted files from SanDisk in few simple steps.

Features of file recovery software:

This tool has the ability of recovering different types of files such as videos file(MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, etc.), image file (PSD, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, CRW, CR2, etc.) and other files from memory cards. It supports file recovery from SanDisk memory card over different version of Windows as well as Mac operating systems.

Apart from retrieving data from SanDisk memory card, it also recovers lost files from different memory cards such as Transcend, Sony, HP, etc. It can also recover different file system including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, etc.