Is there a Way to Fix Photoshop Element 6?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 is a graphics editor. It contains all features of Adobe Photoshop professional version with some additional options like color correction tools and search filters. This version has the option of tagging your images with names, dates and places

It has advanced special effects that speed up editing workflow user can easily make electronic photo projects such as slideshows and photobooks. It allows users to edit (Full Edit, Quick Fix, and Guided Edit), create, organize and share images including e-mail, Web galleries and to other storage devices.

However, your Photoshop elements 6 file may get corrupted due to various reasons, below we have mentioned the common reasons behind Photoshop elements 6 file.

How Photoshop elements 6 file gets corrupted.

Unexpected shut down: Your system might shut down unexpectedly due to power failure. While create or edit any PSD file in Photoshop CS6 application may damage or corruption of PSD file.

Improper termination: Improper closing of application may cause damage to the PSD files that are in process. Sometimes this may causes corruption in the PSD files format and neglect to open.

Transferring errors: If data transferring process is interrupted then it result in damaging of PSD files

Varying extension: Changing PSD file extension into another may result in the damage and corruption. Opening PSD file with CMYK color mode in GIMP application removes some attributes and corrupt files.

 Abode Photoshop crashes: Sometimes, application crashes suddenly while working on Photoshop, It may cause the PSD file inaccessible and damaged.

Incomplete Downloading: If the downloading process of PSD image file gets broken up then the PSD file get corrupted and inaccessible. With the help PSD repair toolkit repair Photoshop elements 6 files

Virus attack: If a system is affected by virus it may damage PSD file.

If you are facing this kinds of situations then you can opt for PSD repair utility. It is one of the highly rated and recommended application by industry experts to repair damaged or corrupted Photoshop elements 6 file.

How PSD repair utility help you to repair Photoshop elements 6 file

PSD repair utility is the one of advanced tool to repair Photoshop elements 6 files. It helps to Repair PSD file with in few mouse clicks. PSD repair toolkit ensure effective repairing of PSD file. After repairing the issue in the PSD file user you can save the repaired PSD file on any storage device.

PSD repair utility is a read only software, which means it rectify the issues in the PSD file without affecting the core file. PSD repair utility have huge customer confidence all over the world. Every One can easily use this repair tool to repair Photoshop elements 6 PSD file because deep knowledge on software is not required for repairing PSD file using PSD repair utility

it repair broken PSD files created using Abode Photoshop 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 versions.

It can repair unsupported CMYK color mode PSD file on all windows operating system and on Mac computers

PSD repair utility can repair Photoshop Elements 6 corrupted files due to various incident like, virus attack, transferring errors, incomplete download, etc.

Guidelines to Recover Data from Laptop

Have you lost data from laptop hard disk drive? Are you looking for a laptop hard disk recovery tool? Then, by reading this article you will come to know that, still data can be recovered from laptop hard disk. After loosing data from laptop you might assume that data is completely lost. But actually, data remains in hard drive only the reference of memory address is deleted due to this operating system unable to locate the data in laptop hard disk drive and displays the user there is no data in hard disk. With the help of Laptop Disk Recovery Software you can easily retrieve lost files effortlessly.

As soon as data is lost or deleted, you must stop using laptop. If you read and write the data in laptop with new files then it will replace the memory address of deleted data with new one and which will lead to permanent loss of data. You can employ Laptop Disk Recovery Software soon after deletion of files. Before going in details, you must be aware of reasons for how data is lost or deleted from laptop hard disk drive.

Limitation of data loss from laptop hard disk drives:

Laptop hard disk bad sectors: If data stored on laptop hard disk drives contains bad sectors, then it would not allow user to access the data. The data from laptop hard drive will be lost due to formation of bad sectors.

Human errors: The user thought to increase some space of hard disk and decided to empty the hard disk by erasing unwanted files from laptop hard drive.  While doing so accidently the user may delete precious files and this result in data loss of situation.

Formatting hard disk drives: While reinstalling operating system in the PC, user may get confused and not remember which drive to format. Instead of formatting C drive the user might formatted another drive which contains important files and folders and cause loss of complete data.

Virus and malware attacks: If you connect the USB drive to other virus infected PC to transfer files an then later attached that infected USB drive to your laptop. Thus, laptop hard drive may get affected with severe viruses and malware which further corrupt the hard disk and forced to format the hard drive.

You can recover data from formatted laptop hard disk drive efficiently by employing laptop disk recovery software regardless of the data loss situations.

Function of Laptop disk recovery software:

This disk recovery software is developed by IT professional experts for recovering data safely and securely. It is designed with advanced search engine algorithm which enables user to scan laptop hard disk thoroughly. Using this tool laptop disk recovery can be done with ease. This software is capable of recovering data of various types like document files, pictures, audios, videos, etc.

This utility is the most reliable solution for restoring files from laptop hard disk drives along with that it is can also restore data from other storage devices such as external HDD, memory sticks, flash cards, USB drives, pen drives, etc. It will also support laptop disk recovery from various interfaces of hard drives like IDE, SATA and SCSI. This software can run on both Windows and Mac PC.


Easy Way to Fix PSD File on Mac System

If you are desperately searching for the best tool to fix PSD file on Mac based machines, then you are at the right place. If your Adobe Photoshop PSD file is corrupted, then need not worry, just make use of How to Fix PSD Files software and repair PSD file on Mac system in an easy way.

There could be various reasons behind Adobe Photoshop PSD file corruption on Mac system. Let us know few common factors:

Improper Closing of Photoshop: Abrupt termination of Adobe Photoshop application can cause corruption to the PSD file. If you abruptly terminate the Photoshop application, while editing your photo using this tool, then it may result in the corruption of the file.

Presence of Bad Sectors: If excessive bad sectors are formed in the drive partition, where you have stored your PSD files, then it will refuse to open the files. The main reason behind formation of bad sectors on your hard drive is due to severe virus and spyware attacks.

Abrupt Removal of Storage Devices: If you abruptly eject your removable storage devices, while transferring PSD photo files from your system or vice versa, then it may result in the corruption of the PSD file which was being transferred at the time of storage device ejection from your Mac system.

Other Factors: Few other factors which are responsible for the corruption of PSD file on Mac include PSD file header corruption, improper upgrading of Adobe Photoshop application, incomplete download of PSD file, usage of third party tool, improper recovery of PSD file, etc.

If you want to avoid these scenarios, then you need to maintain legitimate backup of all your important PSD picture files. In case, if you have failed to backup your PSD files and came across any of these scenarios, then just relax, because you can easily fix PSD file on Mac system with the aid of Fix PSD Files tool. This software has been specially designed using strong scanning algorithms by a team of experts. It uses these algorithms to repair PSD file on Mac based machines like Mavericks, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. It comes out with free demo version, you can download it for free to enhance its ability. It scans your corrupted PSD file and fixes it with its color mode, special effects, etc. This is non destructive read only tool, as it repairs the corrupted PSD file without causing any further damage to the original PSD file. It allows you to preview the repaired PSD file prior to saving it in the destination location. To save the repaired PSD file, you need to purchase the licensed version of this software.

Unique features of this tool:

This tool supports PSD file repair on Mac and Windows operating systems of all latest versions. Using this tool, you can fix PSD files which are created on different versions of Adobe Photoshop tool including Adobe Photoshop 5, 5.5, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. It can not only fix PSD file on Mac, but even it has potential to repair PDD files on Mac based machines. This software fixes the corrupted PSD files with different color modes like RGB, Grey, and CMYK. It has very simple graphical user interface, so that even a new user with less technical knowledge can implement it and repair PSD file without any difficulty.

Solution to Recover Files on Windows System

Windows is most widely used operating system around the world. Most of the users prefer Windows operating system in their desktops and laptops, as it has user friendly interface, best graphical user interface, and many other advanced features. Microsoft has developed and introduced different versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 98, XP, 2000, server 2003 and 2008, Windows Vista, 7, and Windows 8, etc. Even though, it has several advanced features, it does not promise safety of your data. In some circumstances, you may lose your important files from Windows hard drive.

Don’t get tensed in such situation, because you can recover files by using reliable software package. However you must take care in choosing the software package, as using unrecognized software package will corrupt or delete all your files. One of the simplest and best tools you can use is Data Recovery Windows software to recover deleted or lost files from Windows operating system because this software is reviewed and recommended by many industrial experts. This tool is designed by experienced software architects, which can scan the Windows operating system easily to recover Windows files.

Reasons for deletion or loss of files on Windows System:

Accidental Deletion: When you are deleting unwanted files using Shift + Delete option to reduce the occupied space in your system. If you mistakenly delete some important files then you may encounter severe data loss.

Hard Drive Crash: The hard drive of your Windows system may get crash due to severe virus attack, long usage of the drive, bad sectors, etc. If your hard disk gets crashed then you can’t access any files from the hard drive.

Virus Attack: This is the common reasons behind data loss from Windows system. If virus enters into your Windows system then it leads to files system corruption and makes the file inaccessible.

Unintentional Format: You may unintentionally format Windows hard drive partition instead of formatting some other partition. As a result you will lose data from that partition.

Other Reasons: Improper shutdown of system, power surge, by using third party tools, etc. are some of the reasons behind the deletion or loss of data from Windows system.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Don’t use the drive after data loss.
  • If you lose data from any drive then don’t format or reformat it.
  • Use updated Antivirus to make your Windows system free from virus attack.

Features of Data Recovery Windows software:

  • Using Data Recovery Windows software, you can get back all types of Windows files such as videos, documents, photos, etc.
  • This software is capable of recovering Windows files from almost all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.
  • By using this utility, you can recovers Windows files from all types of storage device such as memory card, pen drive, hard drive, memory stick, FireWire drive, SSD drive, MMC card, xD card, flash drive, RAID drive, SD card, etc.
  • By using this software, you can view the recovered files in file type and data type view.
  • Technical team is available 24*7 to support customer via email, live chat, etc in order to solve their queries regarding this software.
  • It can recover Windows files from NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS+, ExFAT partitions.
  • This software supports various file formats such as MP4, MP3, M4A, JPEG, PNG, GIF, CRW, X3F, JPG, ARW, RAW, CR2 and many more.

Recover Files from MacBook Hard Drive

“I am using MacBook Pro designed by Apple Inc. for long time now, but very recently I got into this disastrous situation. I lost access to data stored in the MacBook hard drive due to OS crash. My MacBook hard drive volume was containing lot of important files. I hardly took backup of files stored inside the MacBook hard drive, as I never thought of this kind of situation any time soon. How is it possible to perform MacBook data recovery after OS crash? I have no idea on the next measure that I should take while facing this sort of situation. Please suggest me with a perfect software that will allow me to perform successful data recovery from MacBook hard drive.”

If you don’t have the habit of taking updated backup, you might have to face such critical data loss situation at any point of time. And the next biggest worry for you will be, how to recover data from MacBook hard drive? Here in this page you will come to know the best data recovery software which allows you to extract lost or deleted data from MacBook hard drive. You might wonder how this can be achieved after facing OS crash. Just engage with this article, we assure that if you follow the footsteps of this article, you will get back lost files even after facing the worst case scenario. For now, let us discuss on the various other factors that lead to the deletion or loss of files from MacBook PC.

Frequent situations that can cause data loss from MacBook PC

  • Accidental Deletion: There may be situations where you might delete important files from MacBook hard drive by pressing “Command + Delete” button by mistake thinking that the files are irrelevant. Sometimes user might delete files even from Trash without noticing the files in it. This might turn out to be a critical data loss situation.
  • Formatting: Formatting the MacBook volume instead of formatting the externally connected drive will erase the entire files from the Mac volume. If you don’t have the backup of the files stored in the MacBook volume, you will be in all sorts of trouble as this can lead to heavy data loss situations. There may also be instances where you might be forced to do format as in case of corruption, virus attack or any other logical issues, this will lead to same result as in this case you were left with no other option than formatting.
  • Errors during file system conversion: In case, if you try to convert the file system that is already existing on your MacBook PC to any other file system this might turn your MacBook volume inaccessible.

If you have lost files from MacBook hard drive due to any of the following reasons or due to any of the unpredicted reasons then never reach to the conclusion that you have lost data from MacBook permanently. The data that is believed to be lost or deleted are not exactly removed from the MacBook drive, it stays intact but it is unreachable to you as the address of the file location is being removed. You can easily recover MacBook hard drive if you have access to a reliable tool like MacBook Data Recovery but ensure that you have not overwritten the old files with any new files. Hence it is always advised not to use MacBook PC after facing any data loss situation.

MacBook Data Recovery software:

MacBook Data Recovery is a professional tool that helps to recover deleted or lost files from MacBook volume that are damaged, corrupted, formatted, etc. It is capable of identifying all major file formats such as images, documents, audio, video files, etc. and allows to restore it with extreme ease. This application is built with a highly interactive design, any user can launch this tool very quickly to recover files from MacBook hard drive that went missing. This tool is compatible in recovering files from MacBook PC that is installed with any version of Mac operating system such as Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion Mountain Lion, etc. MacBook Data Recovery software facilitates the user to preview the recovered deleted or lost files before saving it into the desired location.

Learn How to Restore Files from USB Memory Card

A USB memory card is an integrated circuit which contains millions of capacitors and transistors. It is a flash memory data storage device can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. It comes out with different storage capacity ranging from few MB to several GB. Nowadays by many people use USB memory card mainly in electronic gadgets like mobile phones, camera, tablet, camcorder, game consoles, music player and in many other handheld device. These memory cards are non-volatile in nature which is used to save and organize several types of files such as documents, photos, music files, videos, etc. in safe manner. Even though memory card is having many advance features, but there is certain possibility exist for losing some important files from the USB memory card. If you have not prior backup of your saved files this may result in loss of your important documents, memorable videos, beautiful photos and many other valuable files from the memory card. This is one of the unhappy situations when user faces this type problem.

Well, just forgot your pain and be ready to recover your lost or deleted files and folders from your USB memory card. So now it becomes quite easier for you to recover file from memory card with the help of powerful data recovery tool. USB Memory Card Recovery software is the most dominant and reliable data recovery tool which restores all your lost or deleted files from memory card on all the newest versions of Windows as well as Mac operating system. So before going to know about the features of this tool we first check out the reasons which leads to this type of occurrence.

Some Reasons for Losing Files:

  1. Accidental Deletion: While previewing files from any of your electronic device, you might have mistakenly pressed Delete All option. As a result, you might have lost your valuable files from your USB memory card. Or else while removing unnecessary photos or videos from your memory card in order to create some space for new files, you would have accidentally deleted some of your crucial files.
  2. Formatting USB Memory Card: Formatting of a USB memory card will result in the loss of all files stored on that memory card. So, if this formatting of memory card happens unintentionally then it is a severe file loss situation. This can cause a panic situation for the user.
  3. Abrupt Removal: In this situation we are forcefully pulling out the USB memory card while moving our valuable videos or images files to the computer. It may cause heavy loss of files from the card.
  4. Virus Infection: Virus is a program that creates undesired changes which makes our important files unreadable and corrupted. This type of scenario occurs when you connect your USB memory card to the virus infected system.

Some Important Features of USB Memory Card Recovery tool:

  1. USB Memory Card Recovery software capable to recover files from USB memory card on the basis of file signature like name, type, size and date.
  2. It has most robust built in algorithm which helps to restore files which are lost while virus attack, abrupt removal, accidental deletion, file transfer interruption, formatting the card, and many more.
  3. USB Memory Card Recovery tool is the most effective and trustful data recovery which is capable to recover files on all the latest versions of Mac and Windows operating systems in a very convenient way.
  4. It can recover different types of pictures like PSD, RAW, CRW, CR2, TIFF, GIF, GIFF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DNG, BMP, etc.
  5. You can recover various video file formats by implementing this prominent tool such as MOV, AVI, MKV, MP$, etc. with utmost ease.
  6. It can recover memorable video files from the USB memory card which is deleted by third party tools without making any change in the contents of files.
  7. It supports various USB memory card brands such as Transcend, Strontium, Samsung, Sony, Zebronics, SanDisk and many more efficiently.

Restore Data from PNY Elite SDXC Card

PNY is one of the most widely used and popular brand of SD cards nowadays. PNY elite performance 64GB SDXC card is one of the recent models of the PNY technologies with advanced future and good storage capacity of 64GB. PNY has now become a most preferred SD card by the users because of its good quality and features.

Even though, its features are good and remarkable it doesn’t help to overcome data loss situations. You may lose your important files and folders from PNY elite performance 64GB SDXC card due to several reasons such as corruption of file system, virus infection, accidental deleting and formatting. Reasons may differ but the result is severe data loss. Losing some vital data from a card is very horrible situation and it may make you worried and frustrated.

But an application named SDXC Card Recovery Tool can make you happy and recover PNY elite performance 64GB SDXC card under any circumstances. By using this outstanding card recovery tool you can perform data recovery from PNY elite performance SDXC card as well as some other brands of memory cards such as Lexar, Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston etc.

Reasons behind data loss from PNY Elite Performance 64GB SDXC card:

Improper Handling: Using the same SDXC card in different devices and abrupt removal of card from the camera, system etc. may corrupt the card and delete several files in it.

Power Failure: Sometimes you may connect the PNY elite SDXC card to the system in order to transfer files from it. During transfer any sort of interference due to power failure will also leads to loss of data.

Virus Attacks: If you connect PNY elite SDXC card to the system infected by virus or download some virus infected files from internet, this will also infect your PNY elite SDXC card and corrupt the card.

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes you may accidentally use “Delete” or “Delete all” option in the camera or some other device while accessing the PNY Elite SDXC card through them.

Unintentional Formatting: While you are working with the PNY elite SDXC card in the system you may mistakenly format your card. This may also lead to loss of all the files and folders from your SD card.

Irrespective of the data loss situation, you can recover PNY elite performance 64GB SDXC card using SDXC Card Recovery Tool. This tool is designed with advanced algorithms to restore files from the SDXC cards.

Features of SDXC Card Recovery Tool:

  • This software is designed with updated drive scanning algorithm so that you can recover lost or deleted files easily without any modifications in the files.
  • This tool is designed with few simple steps so not only professional computer users every user can recover PNY elite performance 64GB SDXC card using this tool.
  • By using this utility you can recover files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS5 and NTFS partitions.
  • This application is compatible with Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. and Mac Operating Systems such as Mountain Lion, Leopard, Yosemite etc.
  • You can resume recovery at any time by the use of “Save Recovery Session” without scanning the card again and again.
  • You can opt for the free demo version to test the performance of this tool.
  • This utility offers you 24×7 customer supports via e-mail, live chat etc. for solving the queries which you have.

Restore Erased Files from Seagate External HDD

Seagate external hard disk is one of the most popular hard drives which are used to store a large amount of files or transfer files from one storage location to another. The files which are stored in this hard drive may get erased due to various human errors or machine errors. In such a situation you may think that there are no more possibilities to get back your unintentionally deleted files from Seagate external hard drives. It is not true; you can recover deleted files from Seagate external hard drive very effectively. The method used for this is concisely described in the following lines.

Nowadays deleted file recovery from Seagate external hard drive  is so simple with the help of data recovery tool called Deleted Recovery application. After deletion of your valuable files you should not overwrite your hard drive with new files. If your hard drive is overwritten means it will be quite difficult to get back your data. In order to avoid data loss you can backup your important data on your system or some other secondary storage devices.

Various Data Loss Scenarios on Seagate External Hard Drive:

Unintentional Deletion: At times, while removing unnecessary files from your Seagate external hard drive, you may delete some essential files by mistakenly. In such situation you will lose your important files from Seagate external hard disk.

Antivirus Usage: while scanning your Seagate external hard drive for viruses, if any file is infected with virus then Anti-virus utility directly delete those files without your knowledge.

Improper Ejection of Seagate External hard drive: While moving important files from hard drive to computer you may abruptly remove external hard drive, before completion of file transfer process. It is a possible scenario of file loss.

Abrupt Power Failure: During file transfer from Seagate external hard drive to computer unexpected power failure may happen. Due to this power failure transferring files can get deleted.

Unique Features of Deleted Recovery Tool:

  • Deleted Recovery software is the powerful tool which recovers deleted files from Seagate external hard drive by supporting various file formats such as MOV, AVI, MKI, MP4, MP3, PPT, PPTX, PDF, APK, etc.
  • It is suitable for most of the Windows OS versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. It also supports various Mac OS X versions such as Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, and Yosemite.
  • You can recover deleted files from Seagate external hard drive which may get formatted using file systems such as FAT16, FAT 32, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, ExFAT.
  • You can preview your recovered files for evaluation purpose before saving them into any storage devices. Retrieved files can be sorted on the basis of name of file, file type, file size, file created date or modified date.
  • It recovers files not only from Seagate external HDD also recovers from different types of data storage devices like memory card, pen drive, external USB drives, memory sticks etc.

Easy Way to Perform Deleted File Recovery from Windows Server 2008

Windows released many server operating system versions used in various servers, which effectively handle databases, networks, internet hosting and various other functionalities. Windows server 2008 is one such OS, i.e. commonly used nowadays, specially built for servers that control the data traffic of numerous system connected to it in various enterprises. There are different editions of Windows server operating system; they are standard, enterprise, data center and web server 2008.

Windows server 2008 was introduced with many advanced features like remote Microsoft management console, networking stack, improved recovery methods, improved Windows firewall configuration etc. However, data stored in Windows 2008 server can be lost due to various aspects. Many users enquire on how to recover files from windows server 2008 and other Windows server versions. Let us check out the scenarios that lead to undelete server 2008 files.

How the data is lost from Windows server 2008?

  • Formatting is one of such mistakes user usually does. The main motto is to boost the Windows server 2008 performance. Some times while formatting HDD, user may format wrong partition of Windows server 2008 and ends up in data loss.
  • Most of the times Windows server 2008 connected to internet may easily infected by threats like malwares and macro viruses. Such infections damages file system and leads to inaccessibility of entire data stored on the disk.
  • Due to file system damage, the entire data stored on the disk become inaccessible. Similarly, OS crash, Master Boot Record Corruption and other technical conflict can result in loss of data from Windows server 2008.

All these circumstances cause data loss from the server if proper back up of the files are not maintained. If audit function is enabled on the system, to some extent you can recover files. If it is not available user have to depend on suitable application like Undelete drive to recover the lost data. This utility has unique features, which helps in complete recovery of lost data.

Main features of the application are:

  • The application is very quick to undelete server 2008 files. It is also able to save the recovered files as compressed zip archives and thus helps to save the disk space.
  • Able to Undelete Windows server 2008 files from formatted partition and even enables recovery from reinstalled Windows.
  • This utility is very helpful to recover files from windows server 2008 even if the hard drive fails to boot or lead to crash.
  • It restores all types of files like documents, spread sheets, email archives, zip archives etc from Windows 2008 server
  • It supports recovery from all versions of Windows server operating systems like  2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 etc.


Software to Restore Deleted Calendar Itmes in Outlook 2010

Outlook is a Microsoft office component developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is an email client used by people for sending and receiving email. Outlook is widely used in individually and industry. It provides various features that make it easy to use by common people. Some features contained by outlook are calendar, categories, contacts, folders, rules, etc. Despite just emails, it also helps us to do a lot other than just receive and send emails. Using Outlook calendar you can set reminders, schedule meetings, and other thinks also. The Microsoft Outlook calendar has many advantageous and is of great help for the people to schedule their tasks. Using Outlook software you can login your account with or without internet connectivity.

Some time your personal outlook folder inaccessible or it is not working correctly due to some reason. In such saturation, you face some problem such as the Outlook calendar is not showing correctly and few tasks may fail to work, these things happen due to PST file corruption.

A PST file used by Outlook to store emails, address book, calendar, username, password, data, notes and any task for reminders you have organized within Outlook. To find deleted calendar items Outlook 2010 & to get back those to the accessible form, the PST file corruption problems need to be resolved first. You can restore corrupted PST file and find deleted calendar items from Outlook 2010 by using a best PST repair tool. Best PST Repair Tool is the most reliable program for recovering deleted calendar items from Outlook PST files. With this tool, you need to make few clicks only and to find deleted calendar items Outlook 2010.

Benefits of using this tool:

  • To repair a password protected file is very difficult. But by using this utility you can repair a password protected and encrypted PST file.
  • This application recovers deleted Outlook 2010 calendar items, deleted emails, contacts, tasks, appointments and other folders from PST file.
  • It is compatible with different version of Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. So you can restore your calendar from a different version.
  • It also supports different version of Microsoft operating system such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003.
  • By using this software you can recover your email messages deleted from any Outlook folder or emptied from the deleted items folder.
  • You can see the real time preview of the repaired PST file in Outlook style browser view.
  • This application dose not modifies your corrupted file. It simply creates a duplicate copy of your PST file. It reads the data from your original corrupted PST file and writes it in a new PST file.

Points by which you can Find Deleted Calendar Items Outlook 2010:

  • Firstly, Download the utility in your system and install it.
  • Launch the application, main screen will display with three options, OPEN PST FILE, FIND PST FILE and SELECT OUTLOOK PROFILE.  Click on ‘OPEN PST FILE’ option, the next window will come.
  •  To find deleted calendar items Outlook 2010, select the corrupt PST file from your system and click on next.
  •  Next application window will display. In this window select, the location on your computer where you want to store your repair PST file and click on next.
  • After clicking on next, it will repair your file and store in your system where you specify and a repairing successful message will display in your application window.