How to Remove Track Change in MS Word?

What is MS Word and what are its functions?

MS Word is an application of MS Office suite and it was introduced by Microsoft Corporation. There are many features in MS Word, some of them are various numbers of font themes font style, you can insert tables, can attach pictures, can create links, etc. Apart from Word there are many other applications such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Groove, etc. It is mainly used to create, edit and read documents and these documents can be attached and shared through emails also.


What is Track Change?

MS Word use to keep track on the changes made by any other is called Track Change. For example: If you have created a Word file and sent to your colleague. If your colleague changed the something and sent back that Word file, then your Word application will be display you whatever changes are done in it.

Now let us learn about how to remove track change in MS Word?

The only way to get rid of the tracked changes in MS Word is by rejecting or accepting them. Tracked changes appear when you open the document file. When you choose No Markup in the Display for Review box, then you can see what the final document looks like. But tracked changes will be hidden temporarily and the changes are not deleted and the changes will be displayed when you open the save document next time. So to remove the tracked changes you need to accept or reject them.

Procedure to accept or reject the tracked changes:

Open the Word file, go to Review tab in tracking group then click the arrow which is next to Show Markup. See that check marks are appearing next to each of the following items:

  • Comments
  • Insertions and Deletions
  • Ink Annotations
  • Formatting
  • Reviewers

If the check marks are appearing next to these items then click the items to select them.

Now again go to Review tab and in Changes group click Next or Previous option. In Changes group click either Accept or Reject. By following this procedure tracked changes can be removed.