Best Way of Repairing PPT Files

Microsoft PowerPoint is a prominent software for making presentations as well as slide shows. The software was unveiled by Microsoft Corporation, and is been widely used around the globe. The presentation files made using this PowerPoint software are also known as PPT files. Microsoft has launched lots of versions of this PowerPoint software some of among them are PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 etc.

PPT files are more afflicted for corruption, and there are various factors that are responsible for a PPT file to get corrupt. Whenever a PPT file gets corrupt, it becomes inaccessible which finally refuses to open. In case any of your important PPT file gets corrupt then don’t ever get bothered, just repair the corrupted PPT file and solve the issue.

For repairing a corrupted PPT file a robust PPT repair software is needed. PPT repair tool is a most effective and helpful software, by using which you can repair severely corrupted PowerPoint files in a very easiest manner.

Following are the scenarios on account of which PPT files get corrupt:

  • Infection of virus: Computer viruses are the most harmful programs, when these viruses enter your computer they infect and damage the files which is been stored in it. In case a virus infects a PPT file then it becomes corrupted, after which it becomes inaccessible.
  • Header corruption: Header of PowerPoint file plays a significant role; it maintains all essential details of a PPT report. When the header of PPT file gets damage then PPT file refuses to open.
  • Disruptions while transferring PPT files: Consider that you’re transferring a PPT file from your PC to some secondary storage device or vice versa, during the transfer process if any dysfunction occurs then PPT file may get corrupt, which finally becomes inaccessible.

Apart from these, there are various other reasons on account of which PPT file gets corrupt. But in any of the case you don’t have to worry, because using PPT repair application, the corrupted PPT files can be easily repaired.

Below mentioned are some important features of PPT repair application:

  • This powerful repair tool easily fixes corrupted PPT files, PPTX files and PPS files.
  • The software is easily compatible with different versions of Windows OS, which include Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 etc.
  • It can easily repair corrupt PowerPoint 2003 file.
  • This tool can even fix corrupted PPT files created on MS PowerPoint 2002, 2007, 2010 and 2013 etc.
  • This PPT repair tool offers easy to use approach to repair corrupted PPT files.
  • In an extremely short span of time, this tool repairs corrupted PPT files.
  • It’s a most reputed PPT repair tool, which is used by many people around the globe.
  • With the help of this software you can repair corrupted PPT files on various types of secondary storage devices which include flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives etc.
  • This PPT repair tool is free from all sorts of harmful viruses and malevolent programs.

Visit the website and download trial edition of PPT repair tool, check out how it works. If you feel satisfied with it then buy its licensed edition.

How to Repair Corrupted Power Point File

Microsoft Power Point is an advanced application which is widely used to create presentations in various business organizations and educational institutions. Sometimes you will come across the situation when you were trying to open PPT file but you cannot open as it become inaccessible due to its corruption. The main reason for the corruption of PPT file is due to the virus infection. These viruses’ attacks the file structure of the particular file type and corrupt and makes the file inaccessible. The causes like antivirus program, file system corruption, software conflicts, etc may also lead to PPT file corruption.

Some of the causes for the corruption of PPT file

•Header corruption: Header corruption is caused mainly because of the error in Registry policy form settings that causes damage to PPT file. When the settings in the Registry policy are not set properly then the access to the PPT file will be denied.
•Abrupt termination of PPT file: Sometimes while working on PPT file on your system if there is an instant power supply due to which the system gets terminated by closing all the running application then the unsaved PPT file gets severely damaged.

All these factors will result in loss of data from the PPT file. Hence you need to use the repair corrupted PPT file software in order to get back all the lost files effectively. To get more information about this software you can go through this link given,

Some of the features of this repair PPT file software are mentioned below
•This software has extremely powerful repair engine that repairs severely corrupted Microsoft PowerPoint files in minimum span of time.
•This toolkit successfully repair PowerPoint file even the file is of large sized PowerPoint files.
•This repair software is specially developed with advanced features which help to repair all types of PPT, PPTX and PPS files.
•By using this software you can repair text, animations, sound effects, images, OLE objects, formatting, fields including hyperlinks from corrupt PPT files

Procedure to know how to use this Software are mentioned below

•You can download this software from the website Select Repair PPT option and then click on “Download Now” option.
•After downloading the software install it in your system and open the software. Click on browse button to select the corrupted PPT file.
•Click on “Repair” option to start the repair process. After completing the repairing process you can preview the repaired PPT file by selecting “Preview File” option.
•Since it is the demo version you will not be able to save the repaired files. Get the licensed key and activate the software and repeat the process as shown earlier.
•To save the repaired files click on browse button and select the destination folder.
•After saving you can easily access your power point file without any introduction.