Method to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video File in Simple Steps

MP4 is a most popular multimedia file format used across globe. MP4 files have the file extension .mp4. It is highly prone to problems as compared to other multimedia file formats. It is supported by various devices such as smartphone, tablets, camcorders, laptops and other digital media devices. You might have experienced some issue like video is playing but sound is not hearable, unclear display of video but sound is hearable, etc.

Above discussed problem is belonging to your MP4 file. Are you facing such error during t22rying to play MP4 files on media player? If yes, then read this article to overcome such unfavorable situation. In order to repair corrupt MP4 video file, you can make the use of Fix MP4 Software. This application is capable to fix MP4 files which can be damaged due to any of these reasons, including improper video transfer, incomplete downloading of MP4 files, incorrect recording of video, etc. Before talking about the features of this utility let us talk about some more common causes which leads to damage MP4 file:

Virus attack: During moving MP4 files from the system to other external drive or vice versa, if external drive contains virus, then there may be a chance for entering viruses in system. These viruses can corrupt MP4 files and make MP4 files mp4 unplayable.

MP4 Header corruption: MP4 header file holds significant details about data of MP4 files, such as file name, size of the file, etc. During downloading MP4 files from internet, if sudden system shutdown takes place, then in such case header file of MP4 file gets corrupted. While playing these corrupted MP4 files on media player, it deny to play.

Changing file extension: Every file has specific file signature, like that MP4 file also has file extension as .mp4. When you try to convert MP4 file to other, then there may be chance of MP4 file corruption.

Above given reasons corrupt MP4 file and make them unplayable, so to repair corrupt MP4 file, you can utilize Fix MP4 Software. This is a read only utility which means it does not modify the content of damaged MP4 file. It simply creates another file and put all the content of damaged MP4 file in new one. By making the use of this tool, you can repair corrupt MP4 video file from various manufacturing brands of cameras like Nikon, Kodak, Canon, Panasonic, and Sony. Fix MP4 program has the capacity to support video and audio file codecs like avc1, Mp4v, mpeg and RAW, mp4a, etc. This hassle free application also supports to repair corrupt mp4 video file from various memory cards types such as XD cards, SD cards, CF cards, etc. of different brands like Transcend, Kingston, HP, etc.

Fix MP4 tool fixes MP4 files on various Mac OS X and Windows versions such as Lion, Win Vista, Win 7, Leopard, Win 8, Mountain Lion, Win XP, Win server 2008 and 2003. This program initially splits both video and audio data stream and later adjoins them to become a suitable MP4 video file playable on media player. Fix MP4 application is capable to repair corrupt MP4 video file which can be recorded with mobile phones, digital cam, etc. effortlessly.