Excellent Tool for RAID 5 Partition Recovery

RAID 5 is the array of at least three and often five or more hard disks that is used as a single drive. When you add any files to this RAID array then the controller card breaks it into chunks that are called as stripes. This writes a stripe to each drive apart from the one where it writes a parity stripe. Parity stripe is a set of data that the controller can use it in order to extrapolate what all the other stripes are. The parity stripes are distributed across all the drives in RAID 5 array. Hence if one drive fails, the RAID array can able to continue functioning without losing any files by reconstructing the missing data from the parity stripes. What if the files stored on this RADI 5 partition is lost by various reasons. Do you know application must be utilized to restore files from RAID 5 partition? As you already been at the right place there is no need to worry about this issue. This is because it is very simple to restore lost or deleted files from RAID 5 partition with the help of this RAID 5 partition recovery software by following few simple steps.

Common causes that leads to loss/deletion of files from RAID 5 partition

  • Use of untrustworthy third party applications for formatting, re-formatting, resizing the hard disk partitions may delete RAID 5 partitions.
  • Sometimes files stored on the RAID 5 might get lost due to failure of controller or missing partitions. There is possibility of whole partition to become unreadable or unstable due to a single corrupt partition in array.
  • Sometimes you issue multiple commands at a single moment this could cause the partitions to simply disappear. In such situations the computer disk manager shows either unallocated space or flashes strange unreadable messages on the screen.
  • Damaged partition table or boot sector because of harmful virus infections have severe impact on data stored on RAID 5 array.

Important tips to reduce loss of files from RAID 5 partition

  • Keep the backup copy of the partition data on regular basis to avoid data loss and save it on reliable external storage device so that it also helps you to recover files from damaged hard drive easily.
  • It is suggested to use UPS to avoid voltage fluctuations leading to unintentional system shut down.
  • Use only the best antivirus program to scan the system in order to avoid data loss due to virus.
  • Do not use unreliable software to perform any operations on partitions.

Sometimes even after following these precautionary measures, you may encounter loss of files from RAID 5 partition. But it is very easy to overcome this issue with the help of this RAID 5 partition recovery tool. This program has an extraordinary feature which allows you to add or edit the signatures of non listed files. It has an ability to rescue files hard drive of different brands like Hitachi, Fujitsu, Imation, Maxtor, Samsung, Seagate, Sony and many more. You can utilize this tool to recover data from repartitioned hard drive. Log on to this site- http://www.hddpartitionrecovery.com/recover-data-from-repartitioned-hard-drive.html to get more details on how to recover data from repartitioned hard drive. It has an ability to recover different types of files from hard drives, flash memory cards, Fire Wire Drives, External USB drives with utmost ease.