Easy Way to Perform Deleted File Recovery from Windows Server 2008

Windows released many server operating system versions used in various servers, which effectively handle databases, networks, internet hosting and various other functionalities. Windows server 2008 is one such OS, i.e. commonly used nowadays, specially built for servers that control the data traffic of numerous system connected to it in various enterprises. There are different editions of Windows server operating system; they are standard, enterprise, data center and web server 2008.

Windows server 2008 was introduced with many advanced features like remote Microsoft management console, networking stack, improved recovery methods, improved Windows firewall configuration etc. However, data stored in Windows 2008 server can be lost due to various aspects. Many users enquire on how to recover files from windows server 2008 and other Windows server versions. Let us check out the scenarios that lead to undelete server 2008 files.

How the data is lost from Windows server 2008?

  • Formatting is one of such mistakes user usually does. The main motto is to boost the Windows server 2008 performance. Some times while formatting HDD, user may format wrong partition of Windows server 2008 and ends up in data loss.
  • Most of the times Windows server 2008 connected to internet may easily infected by threats like malwares and macro viruses. Such infections damages file system and leads to inaccessibility of entire data stored on the disk.
  • Due to file system damage, the entire data stored on the disk become inaccessible. Similarly, OS crash, Master Boot Record Corruption and other technical conflict can result in loss of data from Windows server 2008.

All these circumstances cause data loss from the server if proper back up of the files are not maintained. If audit function is enabled on the system, to some extent you can recover files. If it is not available user have to depend on suitable application like Undelete drive to recover the lost data. This utility has unique features, which helps in complete recovery of lost data.

Main features of the application are:

  • The application is very quick to undelete server 2008 files. It is also able to save the recovered files as compressed zip archives and thus helps to save the disk space.
  • Able to Undelete Windows server 2008 files from formatted partition and even enables recovery from reinstalled Windows.
  • This utility is very helpful to recover files from windows server 2008 even if the hard drive fails to boot or lead to crash.
  • It restores all types of files like documents, spread sheets, email archives, zip archives etc from Windows 2008 server
  • It supports recovery from all versions of Windows server operating systems like  2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 etc.